Wolfsirius Cloud Mystery

Puppy: Cloud is born February 16: th 2005 and as I look back I would say he was a rather easy puppy, for being a SWH then. Sure, there where times when I really started to question our choice of breed and once in a while I broke down and thought about sending him back to Finland, but that's the way it is with puppies right?! Some peculiarities he had was the bad habit of biting you in the face every time he said hello. MY God how painful that could be. Once he got a really good grip of my lip-piercing and tore the ball away.. Blinded by tears I was convinced that he split my lip in two, fortunately that was not the case. Kim got a taste of that behaviour to and when Cloud one time bit him to in the lip he got down on his knees, whereupon Cloud bit him in the ear and made him bleed like hell. Fortunately he grew out of this behaviour and from the time he was 6 months we no longer got our faces torn to pieces, by teeth anyway. Cause scratching with his paws and claws is something that Cloud has NOT grown out of. *smile*


In the beginning Cloud spent the nights in our bed. The little puppy lay above Kim’s head between the wall and his pillow and slept like a baby all night long. As Saarloos puppies grow really fast this space soon got too small for Cloud and he choose to sleep on the floor instead. He also had the classical half past eleven whim, witch means that the dog  run around like crazy, biting on everything and every body for at least 20 minutes and then finally falls to sleep in a blink of an eye.


For the first weeks Cloud was pretty much like any other puppy, forward, curious and with a lot of energy. Then after a while you noticed that he was a bit shy towards strangers like the breed often is described. Not extremely shy though, just a little bit careful. He also hated when you carried him around (I got legs, I can walk!!!!), travel by bus was not fun at all and neither riding a car.


Cloud had a period when he had to chew on EVERYTHING and furniture was his favourite thing. He made the corners of our table nice and round, peeled its legs, the new chest of drawers we bought for our hall soon got an really used look, our couch got a hole just big enough for you to put down you ass in and so on. It was a very intense period but thankfully it didn’t last for long.


After 11 months Cloud was more or less housebroken and at the same time he started to lift his leg. A little bit unsteady at first with practice it got better and better.

Youth: The little puppy was soon nothing more than a memory and we suddenly had a tall young dog to take care of instead, a very nice young dog! It took a while for Cloud to realise that his body actually had become much bigger witch sometimes made his greeting ceremonies a bit painful. When he exploded in joy he rammed everything and when he wildly waved his paws he scratched our arms to pieces. Part from that he was a nice and easy to handle dog who accepted most things. This made him easier to bring along on different things than the other. Only thing that REALLY made him go up in atoms was when Neddy got into heat, then he could chew through both wood and concrete to get to her.

Adult: With a height of 68 cm and a weight of around 35 kilos he finally ended up in the grown up world our "little" Cloud. He has become a really nice dog with a smooth and fine character. Like most Saarloos he is a bit shy towards strangers but in a healthy way according to me, he doesn’t run away in panic he is just a bit pending. He is a guy that take things as it comes most of the time and new situations don't bother him that much, he is hard to motivate but not stupid at all. He KNOW how to do a lot of things, he just don't feel like doing it when you ask him to. To ride a car works fine now but to get him INTO the car is still a bit problematic, when he is in there he seems to enjoy the ride and hardly ever vomit and drool like most Saarloos.

Cloud LOVES to cuddle, to lie in the lap of someone who sits on the floor and to get an ear massage is heaven for this dog. He's stolen a big piece of my heart this dog. His beauty makes me lose my breath sometimes and when he puts his BIG head in my lap and "ask" me to cuddle with him I thank the gods for given me the possibility to get to know such a wonderful creature that also seems to enjoy my company.