Ceskoslovensky Vlcak for whom?

Is the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog the breed for me?

Every owner of any breed or type of dog should be responsible, aware, and caring. The need for proper housing, medical care, food, training and socialization are just some of the basic requirements that should be understood before any person undertakes to own any dog. Unless a potential dog owner is willing and able to give these essentials, dog ownership should be delayed or even avoided altogether. To own a pet and not to provide for it´s needs is certainly cruel, neglectful, and even illegal. Because of controversy that surrounds dogs of the Wolfdog kind, potential owners of these dogs must be even more aware of there responsibilities than owners of many other breeds. There are some key points to consider about owning an CzW:

Are you right for theCzechoslowakian Wolfdog?
Before buying a dog answer this honestly:

A male or a female?

This is probably purely a matter of personal preference. A female of any breed is generally a little less challenging for pet owners. Male dogs of most breeds tend to be more aggressive, not that females can´t be. Unneutered males will arduously pursue females in heat and that might be quite tough and test your nerves. A male will mark his area with urine when walking him, and some people will see that as a "problem". The best thing to do is to talk to several owners and get there point of view, tell them your current situation and discuss your needs with the breeder too.

A puppy or an older dog?

The puppy will give you ample opportunity to mold it and shape it into the best pet it´s genetic makeup will allow it to be. Unlike an adult, this youngster will not have a lengthy past history (positive or negative) to forget. You can concentrate on initial training and socialization rather then on retraining and re-socialation. When a puppy is brought to a well-prepared home in addition for the puppy, the youngster can easily become an integral part of everyday activity.

What should I pay for a dog?

Prices vary depending on the dogs background and lines , game breed or not , kennel or house breed dog. In general the prices vary (mostly between $600-$1000)...So I don't think you will need to pay more than that. Always see to that u get a paper with your dogs background (pedigree), and a vaccination card so u know that your pup is cared for in his first couple of weeks of life.

Preparing your home...

There are a lot of things that you will need to think of before you bring the puppy to its new home. This little creature u soon are to bring to your home needs to be taken care of in the best possible way...

TOYS: you will find a lot of good toys for your pup in animal shops so the pup can bite something that aint expensive to repair, its teeth will grow and itch during his first months, so it is natural for him/her to bite things to ease the itch/pain when they grow. Just remember that the CzW have powerful jaws, and all dog toys is not as good for them as they may be for other breeds - buy strong toys.