Wolfsirius Ginger Frost

Puppy: On October 22 2006 Frost entered the world and it wasn't an easy decision to make when we got the opportunity to buy this forest brown little Saarloos male. Five dogs is a lot and we talked it over several times both here at home and with the breeder before we made up our minds. But even if there was a lot of question marks and some worries about the future he came anyway, our little Frost and when I first held him in my arms at Borås station on December the 12:th 2006 I lost my doubts.

In the beginning Frost was very nervous and afraid of everything outside: sounds, people passing by, cars, "strange things" and so on. Almost everything made him rush back towards the door in panic and as a result of that the house training suffered a lot. He preferred to do it all in the apartment instead where it was safe. At the age of 4 months he slowly started to feel a bit more secure outside and I didn't have to mop my floor so often. He was sweet as sugar and the nicest most submissive little puppy you can imagine. The thought of question his place in the pack never existed in Frost's world. The funniest thing about Frost was all the little noises he was making. He talked ALL THE TIME (even when he slept) and he sounded a lot like Chewbacca in Star Wars. A combination of grunting and grumblings witch would make even the most cold hearted person melt. He also laid his ears flat back and made loud smack sounds when he wanted to cuddle so you just wanted to love him to death!

Youth: The more Frost grew the more beautiful he got and his movements developed into something that isn't out of this world.  He got a step that take your breath away, it's like he is floating and it look so easy/natural. Just perfect! He is a very sensitive and gentle dog and his timid character have made me pretty overprotective witch unfortunately don't benefit him. It often feels wrong to push him when he finds situations unpleasant but sometimes we do scary things like ring training and so on. To ride by car make Frost extremely stressed not only does he drool a lot, he often make number to also.

Towards people he knew Frost is very loving and want to establish contact, he get overwhelmed when people he knows come and visit and then it is hard to believe that he actually is a shy dog. If we take a walk together with other dogs he gets a self confidence boost and can actually be rather tuff. He loves treats and he is rather easy to train but a bit careful. You have to be very clear about what you want and praise him a lot when he succeeds. To jump and to jump high is something that he is really good at, he goes over our child gate here from sitting down like it's nothing.

Frost IS spoiled; in my eyes he is still a little defenceless puppy who needs my support. He knows this and I'm sure he is using it to his advantage pretty often. He is not stupid.

Adult: I don't consider him to be an adult yet...but it will come I hope.