They say memories are golden

well maybe that is true.

I never wanted memories,

I only wanted you.

A million times I needed you,

a million times I cried.

If love alone could have saved you

you never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly,

In death I love you still.

In my heart you hold a place

no one could ever fill.

If tears could build a stairway

and heartache make a lane,

I'd walk the path to heaven

and bring you back again.

Our family chain is broken,

and nothing seems the same.

But as God calls us one by one,

the chain will link again....

Gone. but not forgotten...

Patrik "Patte" Erlandsson: 1968-07-23 / 2002-09-16

Quem di diligunt adulescens moritur!

They say that time heal wounds and ease the pain...they are lying. The loss of my brother is indescribable so I'm not even going to try to explain. He was the only person I had total faith in and knew would never ever deliberately cause me any pain. he supported me, gave me a kick in the ass when I needed it and almost made me laugh my self to death. Just like a big brother should he drove me crazy a lot of times but I worshiped the ground he walked on and still does.


Roger Erlandsson: 1948-09-25 / 1991-01-05

Depending on who you ask my father wasn't always the nicest person I the world, but he was MY father and I loved/love him just the way he was. We went fishing together, built huts in the woods and he was just like a big bear to me. He always smelled like a mix of forest, resin and tobacco pipe, had a boisterous laugh and could easily lift me up on his shoulders. He was a childish person who completely missed this "growing up thing".


He disappeared out of my life just when I was becoming an adult and there is so many things we never got to experience together and so many thing I never got to show him. Hopefully he is still by my side and laugh at my mistakes, become happy and proud when I succeed and sometimes just shake his head at my pretty strange ideas.



I take your paw in my hand,

se your hourglass is losing sand.

I wish I could buy you some more time,

But you have reached the end of the line

I strike your fur and I cry a tear,

I whisper softly in your ear.

So many years together my friend,

I don’t want this friendship to end.

A lick on my face to ease my pain,

then the gods are calling your name.

You close your eyes, this is goodbye,

It’s not fair that friends have to die.

There is a new star on the sky tonight,

big and clear and it’s shining bright.

It carries your name and will be my guide,

till the day my star shine by it’s side.

Obiwan's Elton: 1993-09-25 / 2006-02-16


Elton is/was Kim's dog so he came along when we moved in with each other. A (according to me) typical German Shepard who screamed out loud as soon as you just thought about grabbing him hard. But if he met another dog he suddenly became the biggest and best dog in the world. For some strange reason he just hated poodles...white poodles.

There is no doubt that Elton was Kim's dog, Kim was like God to him and even if me and Elton got along pretty good after a few years he never worshiped me the way he did with Kim. Maybe cause I was the mean lady who always brushed him??? Elton is the first dog that we have had to put to sleep and it wasn't a nice experience. He was 12½ years old when he left us and had been living a long and healthy life so I shouldn't complain. We did all that was in our power to make his life good and when it was time for him to go we helped him to do it with dignity. The last gift to a dog that had been a faithful companion during a long time.


Adroit's Chiquita Champ:1996-03-03 / 2008-07-24

Emma is was first own dog and when I got her I did all the wrong things you can do when you get a dog according to everybody else. I got a Rottweiler as the first dog, a older Rottweiler who needed a new home and on top of it all an abused older Rottweiler... It was like asking for problems or??!! No, actually not. Maybe I was lucky, maybe was my knowledge of dog was so tiny that I didn't realised that everything might go straight to hell so I never worried about it, or maybe, maybe.... I'm not such a bad dog person after all. I don't know and I don't care. Emma became mine and I had her for 9 years until tumours forced her away from us.

She was a wonderful dog with a heart of gold who unfortenatly ended up with the wrong people at first. Badly treaten, afraid an unsecure she finally ended up with me and I did my very best to try to make the rest of her life as good as possible. I hope I succeeded and that she really got the life she so well deserved. We miss her a lot and when she died in my arms at the veterinary she took a big piece of my heart with her on her journey...