Wolfsirius Princess Hera

Puppy: Hera was born in Finland the 4:th of April 2009 and it´s kind of a pick of destiny that she ended up in our family. From the start we were really interested in a female puppy from that litter since she would fit our males perfectly when it came to breeding. We thought a lot about it but in the end we felt that we had enough dogs to take care of already and the dream about getting a CsV someday finally made us say no. But a woman from Sweden was going to buy a female puppy from that litter and she needed help to pick it up. Kim volunteered to help and in connection to a wolfdogmeeting he travelled to Finland to pick the puppy up and then delivered it to the owner in Stockholm.

8 weeks later we got the word that the owner had to find a new home for Hera due to illness and we opened up our home for the little puppy. Hera arrived the 22nd of July and rapidly she made herself comfortable with the rest of the pack. She was a really outgoing and brave puppy with never ending energy. When the adult dogs settled down for the night Hera started to chew on bones, chase the cat, bite us and torture the other dogs. To be still was no fun according to Hera.

When it came to housebreaking Hera was rather special. From the day she arrived she hardly ever pooped indoors but she was very good at peeing. The thing that made her different from our other SWH's was that she preferred to pee at places she normally slept, and that´s not very nice when you have the dogs in bed. Sometimes I could take her out just before bedtime and when we came in she would walk straight to the dog bed and make a little puddle. I really don´t know why she had this behavior.

Thanks to her brave and outgoing character we took Hera to puppy class and she did great! She was nice, learned fast and seemed more eager to work then our other SWH's. The car ride TO puppy class on the other hand was a nightmare according to Hera. Like most SWH's she was really carsick and even the shortest trip made her drool oceans.

Youth: The little puppy grew and just after she'd turned 1 year Hera was 65cm high and weighed approximately 28 kilos, a rather long, slim and very beautiful dog. When it comes to her character I can say that I had never had a dog with SO much energy, who's SO stubborn, constantly searching for someone to terrorize or something to destroy, who´s biting, nibbling, chasing the cat, eating everything she can find outside and has a pray drive beyond my imagination. Hera is everywhere and nowhere at the same time and keeps us busy all the time. She IS a very nice dog though but to keep up with her is almost impossible.  Her greeting ceremony is really painful and despite the fact that we have been training since day one she still jumps, bites and scratching us when we walk through the door. They say that her brother is the same so maybe it's in her genes. ;)

Hera is that outgoing that I actually dared to participate in real, big dog shows with her and her results have been both excellent and catastrophically. The first two times she got 1:st prizes, Cert, BOB and CACIB and the last time we went home with a zero (0) since Hera didn't like when the judge shoved her fingers into Hera's mouth. I'm convinced that Hera can get a lot of good results and do very well at dog shows in the future..IF I let someone else show her or get a grip of my own nervousness. As most Saarloos Hera's rather sensitive to the mood I'm in and I'm definitely not the calm, confident  leader I should be when I'm in the show ring, more like a nervous wreck.

When I'm writing this Hera's 1 year and 10 months and she has just entered her first heat. This has temporarily made her a bit calmer and it's going to be interesting to see how her character is developing after this.