Hera's Show Results

10 September 2011
National show
Judge: Per Svarstad
Good size, nice head, good expression, good neck & back, nice croup, good bone structure, excellent body, excellent angles, moves with excellent movements, good coat and colour. cannot be judged
My Dog
6 januari 2011
International show
Judge: Deyl van Willemine
Typical female. Almost 2 years, wolfgrey. Good size, wellshaped head. Slightly deep chest. Typical dark eye. Good mask. Good ear carrige, very narrow in front. Dewclaws not removed. Prefer longer muzzle. Disqualified due to snapping. 0
12 September 2010
International show
Judge: Poduschka-Aigner Phyllis
Very feminine typical female. Good expression, excellent front, could show less angulation in rear, correct movement, good coat. Ukl: 1:st prize
Ukk: 1:st prize
Btkl: 1:st prize
Ryda Borås
July 3 2010
National show 
Judge: Stefan Sinko
Good in type, nice convect head. Very good bodyproportions. Good upperline, correct hindquarters, In the movement front action could be a bit better. Junkl: 1:st prize 
Junkk:1:st prize
May 22 2010
Södra Älvsborgs Kennelklubb. 
(unofficial show)
Exellent type. Very wolf-like. Strong head with feminine expression. Excellent neck. Strong tight back. Slopning rump, low set tail. Well developed chest and forechest. Pinching with her elbows. Fitting bone structure. Well-angulated hind-quarters. Nice movements. Junkl: 1:st prize