Neddy is actually a dog that can't be described in words, you have to meet her in real life to understand. She is my beloved, "plutti-plutt-plutt"-dog. baby and everything else. I personify her, raise her to the skies and almost worship the ground she walks on. Neddy has manage to wrap me around her paw several laps and she has done it with style also. She is a buy on impulse and the best we ever made. A guy at my job had bought a puppy but it turned out that one of his daughters was allergic so he had to sell the dog. He showed med a picture of it and.... In panic I called my boyfriend who like by magic manage to come up with 3500 Swedish crowns and the day after a 9 week old puppy arrived to us. She was so tiny and cute and totally adorable. From the first night she lay in our bed between us and has done it ever since. She is well behaved and wait until I move the blanket and the she jumps up an curls into a ball on my pillow. Then we lay there nose against nose an it is SO cosy. Neddy is born on the 25:th of July 2003 and is a mix of German Shepard/ Rottweiler/ Labrador. I have really tried to analyse both her looks and her mentality to figure out witch qualities she has got from witch breed but it is hard to say. Neddy is a sport model of Rottweiler, very slim, a bit longer nose but the exact same colour and markings. She has a GREAT charisma and is very beautiful. And she's got TURBO..... she is fast and got the same style as a Greyhound when she's running. And run is something she is very good at. Neddy is a fast learner. We started agility a year ago and she is already doing the tunnels, tire, slalom and all sorts of combination of jumps at a raging speed. She is totally unafraid and speeds through the course without hesitation, a bit to fast most of the time. On a windy day the flat tunnel got tangled up and Neddy got stuck in it. The whole tunnel moved like a gigantic worm when she tried to get out and I thought that she would never ever go through that thing again. I manage to get my Neddy tangled out and flattened out the tunnel to make a go for it again. She went through like a torpedo and was as happy as usual. Some days when her batteries is charged to the max she explodes.... She grabs whatever she can find on the agility course and runs around with it in her mouth like a maniac. You just CAN'T get mad at a dog who is so happy and enjoy life so much. Social is only the first name of this dog. She loves people, everybody and everything. Neddy wants to be in the centre of all action and if it's possible she will crawl up in someone's lap. If you once have started to pet her you can call yourself sick from work the coming six months cause Neddy will push, scratch and make sure that you continue. And she won't take no for an answer. She is a dog you can take with you anywhere and she wont say no to an adventure. Deep in the woods or in the middle of the city is the same to Neddy. You can have fun wherever you are and she makes herself comfortable anywhere. So.... Neddy is worth her weight in gold. She is everything you could ask of a dog and a little bit more. I wouldn't exchange her for all the pure breeds in the whole world and if it was possible I would cloned her a million times. Everybody should own a Neddy, it makes life so much funnier. My heart is beating very hard for this dog, she is one of a kind.