1973 was the year when the movie The Exorcist had it's premiere, bands like KISS and AC/DE formed, Aerosmith released their debut album (with the same name as the band) and it ended up at the album chart and Thin Lizzy got a hit with the famous Irish song Whiskey in the Jar. A pretty good year. And the 28:th of May that year got even better. A beautiful child saw the light of the day, a tiny little longed-for girl with blue eyes and blond hair, a miracle, a gift a....a....a.... a crazy metal freak that as delivers with Caesarean section. Me!

My name is Ninni (well, actually I was given three other names but they are classified as strictly secret) and I'm raised in a small village by the name of Sexdrega. Since I was a small kid I have always been interested in animals and from early age I learned to respect and be good to all living things, both tame and wild. It's a lot thanks to my grandpa who taught me this and when I today see both grownups and children who lack understanding or empty for animals I thank my lucky star that I'm raised the way I am. I'm no fanatic though, I eat all kind of meet, dress in leather, drink milk and eat egg with a good conscience. But I'm totally against experiments on animals, animal cruelty makes me SO angry and when they shoot wolves in Sweden I go nuts.

Horses have always been a passion for me and at the age of 12 I manage to convince my parents to buy me a young,ridden Norwegian Fjord Horse. (I can be very good at convincing people when I REALLY want something) I named the horse Ivanhoe and trained him all by myself and he turned out pretty good actually. We had a lot of fun together and he taught me things like: how to fall of a horse without breaking every bone in your body, how to stop a bolting horse, that Norwegian Fjord Horse can be very stubborn and if the door is open and they have decided to go in to the kitchen they will do it. I sold him when I turned 17 and had to travel far to get to school and it was a very tuff decision. After that I have been working with horses, bout riding and trotting horses. I also had a stallion by the name of Nit for a year but the lack of money made me realise that it was not a good time for me to have a horse. In the future I hope I would have at least two horses and Shire is the breed I have in mind. 

I'm a metal freak and I guess I look like one to. Power metal is the kind of music I prefer most of the time. Right now the group Falconer rules and their new album is constantly played LOUD on my stereo, in my MP3 and in the computer and it will probably make me deaf, but it's so good that it's worth it. Otherwise Helloween is and have always been my favourite group. (no one will ever get close to Michael Kiske's voice) Some other groups that blow my speakers to pieces is: Gamma Ray, Dragonforce, Masterplan, Angra, Rhapsody, Edguy, Shining Fury, Heavenly and so on. I got 4 tattoos and there will be more I hope. I have already found things I want to tattoo but money is always a problem. A piercing and a flesh tunnel is also decorating my body and I hope to make at least two more of those also.

When I'm not walking around with the dogs, spend time on the internet or working with my homepage I like to drink a beer or 16 in the company of good friends. Things I really like are:

I'm a restless person and most people often se me as a bit cold and ego the first time they meet me but I'm actually the total opposite. I'm shy, a bit insecure and have rather low self-confidence. (it's true so stop laughing) You can say that I'm a bit like a Saarloos. People have prejudices about me, "dangerous" look, reserved towards strangers but is very close to my friends and loved ones. It takes time before I let people into my life but once I have done it I never let them go. (unless they treat med badly) This means that I know a lot of people but it's very few of them that I actually call friends, and I like it that way. The ones that have made the deepest impression on me and whom I really love is enough for me. And if they don't know who they are by now I will mention them in my memoirs in the future, all the embarrassing stuff they have made to =). After a few beer I'm like my mixed breed dog, to social and love everybody and everything. I love people with a lot of humour, sick humour is best and if they can use irony they get a gold star from med. I like to make people laugh my self and can have a pretty fast and sharp tongue.

I have lost people who was very close to me and because of that I more often tell people what I REALLY think about them, at least if it's something positive. There is nothing worse that one day realise that there is so much you want to say but you can't do it.