Wolfsirius Midwinter Storm

Puppy: Storm is born on the 17:th of December 2005 and moved in to us on a cold winter day in the beginning of 2006. As I always have preferred females she was more than welcome and I had it all clear in my head how wonderful it would be with a cute little female in the family. Storm rapidly brought me back down to earth so to speak because she was definitely not that cute , little puppy I had expected. Storm was heaven and hell in the same package. A tiny, slender Madame who’s beautiful /feminine appearance just spelled out the word innocent. But behind the beautiful outside there lived a tiiiiiiiiiny and very definite demon and when it popped out it REALLY surprised you. If Storm is like Saarloos females in general I can tell you that it will probably take a while before we get another one of those, because there is a whole lot of attitude in such small package!!


When Storm was a small puppy she got furious if you denied her to do certain things. She growled, spitted and was acting like a sewing machine if she didn't got it the way she wanted it and you all know how sharp puppy teeth are?! *ouch* Most of this behaviour grew away (thank God) and I think she was acting like that mostly out of insecurity. Another thing that was special about Storm was her passion for fabrics. During her first year she consumed; 5 big carpets, a sofa, some blankets, a lot of clothes and a few more things. Nothing was safe when she was around and she was quick!!!


At the beginning she was rather nervous outside and shy towards strangers, actually she was SO nervous that I thought it would be a problem for her later since we live in the city. But Storm is a dog that never stops surprising you!



 Around her first birthday Storm changed radically. Suddenly she turned into an extremely forward dog whose curiosity didn't have any boundaries at all. She had to examine everything that crossed her way, could easily greet strangers almost instantly and ran around like a tornado in eager to explore new things. She was fast, in both thought and action, stubborn as hell and learned things fast. Her problem was that she lost her concentration very fast; she didn't have time to stop for a minute and learn things.

It took a long time for Storm to get housebroken and when she got her first heat at the age of 16 months we hoped that she would finally stop doing it inside the apartment. But it took almost 8 more months before she got the hang of it and then we had more or less accepted the fact that she never would be housebroken.  


Adult: The little lady finally stopped at 64 cm and a weight at around 27 kilos. She is beautiful as a fairytale and one of the most feminine dogs I have seen, even her paws radiate femininity. But this doesn't make her a delicate little creature, no; it's more the other way around. Storm is a settled lady that takes what she wants and show who is in charge. She is the noisiest of our saarloos and barks more than the others, her bark is also very sharp and piercing witch can cause some headaches sometimes. If one of the dogs steps on her for example she get really upset and tell them to get of.


She is quick, have huge amount of energy, learns fast and if you just can get her attention (and keep it) she is very easy to work with. Storm IS a bitch (in many ways *smile*), have a little more temperament than the other dogs and some "mood swings" but it's not a problem. We have been having a lot of battles me and Storm and more will probably come in the future but I never regret that she came to us and I would never exchange her. She is a really nice dog, that is easy to establish contact with. Storm is a clever girl and has the ability to look SO tiny, innocent and miserable when she finds it suitable so you just can't be mad at her. She is female and knows how it works... ;)