Kennel WolfWhistle

"wolf-whistle = A whistle, of two notes (the first a rising note and the second a falling note) made in appreciation of superior beauty."

To breed dogs haven't been a lifelong dream for us, it was a thought that slowly started to grow when we started to get interested in Saarloos Wolfhond. The more we learned about the breed, its background, behavior, abilities, lines etc the more we felt that this was something that we wanted to put our hearts and soul into. To be able to produce dogs that both have a healthy appearance and character and to work active for the preservation of the breed, its future and development feels absolutely right for us and that is our goal.

Breeding isn't done in a blink of an eye; it demands a whole lot of planning, time and patience. For that reason we have not produced our first litter yet but we hope it will come in a nearby future.To hurry slowly is often the best way.